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The Irish Rover

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A love of Country & Irish music flows naturally through John Dunning's veins.

Gentleman John's fourteen track album entitled 'The Irish Rover' takes its inspiration from both popular traditions. Just released to radio stations this week and available in record shops from next week, this new album, with the greatest of certainty will ensure John is well on the road to success. Included in the song selection are a number of songs drawn from his live shows in Ireland and in the U.K.

Among the tracks in the Irish genre are; 'Home To Donegal', 'My 'Darling Kathleen', 'Grace', 'The Galway Girl' and title track, his recent single, which has already kicked off a very successful few months for John, 'The Irish Rover'. The album also includes some American Country songs including 'He'll Have To Go' and the old Bill Monroe favourite, 'Say You Love Me', which is hugely popular in Ireland. Also featured is the well know Stephen Foster song 'Hard Times', although not strictly a country song it has been recorded by a number of Country and Folk artists both here and in the U.S.
This album was recorded at the Penthouse & Ultimate Studios in London and was mixed and mastered by Wayne Thorose of Ballyrose Media, Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon.

Having secured his niche in Country & Irish music, John attributes his love of music to the encouragement of his parents and his extended family. He availed of every opportunity as a youth to play the accordion and sing at family gatherings. Having moved to England to work as a young man, John was never far from the music scene as he built his career in the hospitality industry. This path would ultimately lead him to a successful career in music, logging thousands of touring miles, performing his one-man show in Irish centres throughout England.

His career was interrupted for a time, following a serious traffic accident in 1988. Once again John turned to music to help his rehabilitation. He perfected his own style of playing the piano accordion, having previously excelled on the button key accordion.

Having retired from the hospitality industry in England where he worked since he was seventeen, John now resides in Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon and is anxious to secure work in venues throughout Ireland. He is available for bookings for all type of functions within Ireland i.e. Lounges, Social Dancing and all private parties and functions.

John is a dedicated performer, having the characteristics of a balladeer that really draws you into a song and is wished well on his enduring musical journey.